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Fueling Resistance with Resilience

Hosted by Maryland’s best-known voice for progressive activism, Heather Mizeur, Soul Force Politics offers new tools and inspiration to the Resistance.  It’s time to fortify external civic actions with internal wisdom and awareness. Mizeur blends insights from her unique experiences as a former top-tier politico with observations and teachings she receives from daily spiritual practices and a life connected to nature on her farm.

Connecting with Guests

The podcasts boast an impressive line up, featuring celebrities like rock star Melissa Etheridge, The Wire’s Sonja Sohn, and politicians Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) and former U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), to anonymous gang leaders on the streets of Baltimore. Mizeur connects intimately, often with surprising revelations. Her guests open up on topics that intersect at the crossroads of policy advocacy, spirituality, social justice, and community relationships.

Aligning Ancient Wisdom with Modern-Day Action

Soul Force Politics teaches non-violent resistance, honorable leadership, and successful civic engagement.  It works to eliminate the illusion that we are separate by rejecting “Us” vs “Them” tactics in recognition that we are all connected as ONE.

006 — Actress Sonja Sohn, Director of new HBO doc film “Baltimore Rising”

Actress Sonja Sohn discusses her directorial debut, a new HBO documentary film that takes us on a deep journey to review the hidden stories behind the civic unrest that unfolded in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in 2015.

“Baltimore Rising” chronicles the City’s unrest leading up to this tragedy and takes viewers deep behind the scenes of a community on edge long before an incident that grabbed national attention.

What is so powerful about the film is that it lets Baltimore tell its story in its own voice.

Soul Force Politics was given an advance screening of the film – a story that weaves together the voices of Baltimore’s community leaders, activists, and every day citizens who are working tirelessly to heal and improve relationships with the City’s police and between and among each other.

In this hour, we will give you unparalleled access to the film’s director and the story behind the story.


005 — Jenna Johnson, Washington Post White House Correspondent

Jenna Johnson has worked at the Washington Post for more than a decade and covered the Maryland General Assembly in 2014. That’s where she got to know Delegate Heather Mizeur. In September 2015, she was assigned to lead the paper’s campaign coverage for U.S. presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump. As Trump vaulted into prominence to win his party’s nomination and eventually the general election, Johnson had a front row seat to this unconventional campaign and moment in history. With the barrage of “Fake News” claims coming from Trump and his base’s misgivings about the press in general, she understands well the “us” versus “them” divide and shares insights on her understanding of what is fueling the division.  And in our conversation, she peels back the curtain and gives us an insider’s view of her experience of getting to know the candidate and his supporters so intimately on the campaign trail.

004 — Rev. Delman Coates, Social Justice Advocate

Heather Mizeur and Delman Coates teamed up in 2014 to be an unlikely ticket for Governor and Lt. Governor of Maryland.  A lesbian and black baptist minister, few would have paired them together, but they proved to be a charismatic force for change on the campaign trail.  Their friendship endures and in this episode of MizMaryland’s Soul Force Politics, they explore a revolutionary idea of a new abolitionism movement to reform the monetary system for a more compassionate, just, and socially responsible economy.

003 — Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD)

Putting the notion of #SoulForcePolitics to the test, listeners of this episode are treated to a diverse and wide-ranging bipartisan discussion between popular GOP Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland’s most respected progressive voice, Heather Mizeur.  Though from different ends of the political spectrum, in the spirit of Soul Force Politics, they show how to disagree on policy options without being disagreeable – modeling honorable leadership and respectful dialogue on difficult topics.

002 — Barbara Mikulski

Maryland’s most popular politician — feisty firebrand, powerhouse & glass-ceiling-breaker, former U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) — records her very first podcast with MizMaryland | Soul Force Politics and offers her trademark charm, blunt assessments, and keen political insights, sprinkled with humor and unexpected candor about the role of faith and spirituality in a career that spans thirty years of Congressional history-making.

001 – Melissa Etheridge

In this inaugural episode of MizMaryland: Soul Force Politics, host Heather Mizeur welcomes her friend and spiritual mentor, Grammy and Oscar award-winning rock star, Melissa Etheridge, to engage in a deeply personal and spirit-filled conversation about compassion, justice, mercy, and honorable leadership practices that choose love over fear to express truth and wisdom in the world.  Looking for insider celebrity stories?  We’ve got that, too!  Heather prompts Melissa to peel back the curtain to share the details of several celebrity moments from appearing on stage at the Grammys bald from the effects of chemotherapy during her breast cancer treatments to her experiences meeting Donald Trump before he became President, just to name a few.